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This game is just guessing bc I put the uggliest pic of me on and I got a freaking 9.4 so if it says ur super ugly it's fake

I think it's the funniest thing

Hahah lol I put in a pic that I edited of me with a spiraled face and said I was HOT XD 😹😹😹😹

Great app!😀

I tried this on my brother and he got a 9.1! if it says your ugly that's not true. Everybody is beautiful.

Absurdly funny.

Don't be influenced by this app! I took the most horrible pic, (hunched over, double chin, cross eyed and baggy eyed,) and rated a 7.9. Then I took a flattering pic rating a 0.9. The exact same pic can range up to 6+ points differently based on a tiny move of one of the left/right circles. The science behind this thing is just not up to par. Not even close. Use it for amusement only. Or don't use it at all. ;)


If you want an uplifting app that's going to tell you that your pretty this is not the app you need


I Hate this app don't get it I will never forgive this app for saying I'm a butter face and saying every thing on my body is cute but my face !!!!!!!!😕

I don't like this app

U done got me messed up my friends are gorgeous so don't send me no notifications cause yo mamma is littering when she drops you off at school to take picture.when the look at your face in the yearbook the say is that a piece of trash.yall are basing people on what they look like on the out side not on the inside.

Pretty Good

Yes! I got an awesome score 9.7!But I found out if your face is tilted to one side it will give you some funky score. Also some of the sayings can be hurtful. Would recommend this app for people who don't care what there score is. Pretty good.😊

Don't be discouraged

The best thing to do is to take a really strait and centered picture. After go through the my photos and experimenting with it, the more crooked you make your face, the worse of a score you get. I went from a 3.2 with a crooked picture to a 9.4 with a dead center one so yea.

lol 9.8

I got 9.8 and it said that I'm the reason for global warming XD I knew I looked good, but that good?


The highest they gave me was a 7.2 :p


This game is ok. But, it's really quite inaccurate, because I put on a picture of a dog's paw, and I waited for it to analyze, and then it said it was a nine point two! Really.


It rated me a 9.3!!! OMG i thought I was gonna get a 2.3 because most people said they got that! OMG! I love this app thank u!! 😊 and for those who got a rating for themselves as ugly, I'm sure ur not ugly. This is just an app everyone in the world is perfect looking, and it doesn't matter how u look anyway😊!

Thinks I'm hot with a twisted face x3

This app is ugly xD. Guys it's a stupid app that says random things..... Five stars for being hilarious and absolutely stupid. Bravo.... "/)(\"

I don't like this app!!!

This is a horrible game the scores are not true 1 bit! Also the comments that they say are rude. People are more beautiful then they think . Everything should get a perfect score. The people who make these games are obsessed of making money so don't listen to them. They just wants attention with their new game.

Judge mental

I used to think I was cute but it turns out I'm as ugly as bricks. After that I felt like I could never get a boyfriend. Because if this app, I have suicidal thoughts now. I have a crush on this guy named Martin in my school and he looks at me ALOT and everyone is saying he likes me but now I think he is just looking at my flaws. This app ruined my life...


My dog scored 9.9! Serious! And I scored 9.8. I guess there really is someone more beautiful then me! *just kidding here*


This app is really mean. My scores were all over the place from being really ugly to really hot. I choose to ignore my results. The truth is,everyone is beautiful. (It's about time someone said that)


I got a 9.5 I was like wow I must be like a mini Megan Fox laugh out loud.


It said "hot" and i have glasses with moles everywhere on my face... it must be cause im asian??? hm, but it could be mean

Awful and Mean

This app is sad. I did this to my sister and she got 0.9. And for you people out there saying sometimes the truth hurts, your just happy you didn't get something mean. It's awful to say someone is litter, and the only person who is litter is the owner of this app. I can't even believe you wasted your time creating such a stupid and hurtful app. Get a life.


I put a pic of my friend that had cancer and is says she was ugly..... I'm deleting this silly app


I just tried it for no reason RANDOM APP SEARCH FTW


honestly, this made my daughter cry. The insults take it way overboard. Telling a 15 year old if ugliness were bricks she would be the Great Wall of China. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't get this app. It is mean and puts u down and u will loose self confidence.


This app is terrible if your face is slightly curved it lowers your score

Love love love love it

Me and my friends and family always have fun with this app it's hilarious get it I recommend it and I really don't like that many games


I knew this app would be stupid. Yeah, so I'm bored. Apparently the floor is sexier than me.

Be cool

This App is sometimes mean for calling other people ugly its sad because God created us special in every way and he didn't make us ugly.its only good when it says pretty ,I did a pic it said hot but then it said ugly. I'm only 11 years old please be nice. U r only nice sometimes .

I got 5.3 so I'm happy



It makes you feel soooo self- conscious!

It's fake

First I was 9.8 then 4.9 don't give a bad review because ur butthurt and can't take a joke


U gave me a HORRIBLE score and gave me the comment of " when ur mom drops u off at school, they give her a ticket 4 littering!" Do u KNOW how hurtful that is! I lost all my self confidence! THNX


I've always felt extremely bad about the way look. People stare me in stores and even and say nasty things that I can clearly hear sense they are right there and they laugh at me for things that make me wish I was dead everyday from the moment I wake up till the till I reach bed crying and hoping that I won't wake up again. There are times when I'm told how ugly and undesired I'm in polite way even and I'm nobody's type. I'm alone in misery all my life. This app is yet another devastating slap in my face making me more sad than I have been before. I hope everyone who gets a laugh at the thing that make people want to kill them self everyday will still be laughing at their funeral or still find humor in when someone in there family is dead because of inconsiderate people making them miserable about thing they can change. This app is terrible and made my will to live drop even further . Thank you for stripping my last bit of confidence and hope away from me even though I'm only 24. Congratulations for what you've done

Dumb app

This stupid dumb app is a trash talker like real talk mane if you download this app it's a waste of time and energy.


This app is the worst! I hate it! It said I was hideous! No one ever buy this app! THIS IS THE WORST APP EVER MADE ON EARTH!!!!!!


Obviously not scientific, but funny, especially in a group of people. Used a cute pic got a 2.3, then tried with a warped pic with no teeth and got a 9! The sayings are pretty funny too.


This app is a joke, whoever invented it probably just doesn't feel good about themselves so they want to call everybody else ugly, don't let this mess with ur mind!


Well the app is fast and good entertainment. I ain't mad at it cause I got a 9.7. The kicker is I never considered myself to be super attractive (although I have been told I am). Sorry to all y'all ugly folks. The truth hurts.

Chill out!!😁

Do not take this app so serious people!!!!!

Calm yourselves

I knew this would be stupid that's why I got it. I used a picture of Selena Gomez and it gave her a 1.4 and said she was hideous. Calllllllm down


This app is so mean I just want to punch it and cuss at it and it called me plain gross and everyone I know calls me pretty


This is mean and nasty and it called me ugly but everybody at school and home call me pretty this is the stupidest app ever I hate it😭😭👎👎

Horrible scanning

The app runs fast, but all the facial scanning are distorted. Your head cannot be the least bit curved or your results will be off. 1/5


Thumbs down

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